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School Lunch Programs

PPM150 - School Food & Beverage Policy  Canada’s Food Guide  Healthy Schools

Principals, School Councils and students love the Rainbow Hot Lunch Program because we deliver nutritious, nut free, wholesome meals right to the students within the GTA at lunch hour.Items and processes have been vetted by a certified Dietician to ensure PPM compliancy.We take great care to ensure the program fits smoothly into your school routines and the “per lunch” contribution allows schools a meaningful, stress-free fundraising capability.  The Rainbow Lunch program reinforces the message of making healthy choices using Canada’s Food Guide.

We believe that good nutrition helps individuals achieve general health and well-being while helping prevent disease. Children learn about healthy eating at a very young age and our children need guidance and support in order to make healthy food choices.

  • ✓ Kids are provided healthy options
  • ✓ Parents take a break and have peace of mind
  • ✓ Fundraising made easy with hassle-free administration
  • ✓ Quality and taste you can trust
  • ✓ Hot, healthy and delicious; Kid tested – kid approved
  • ✓ Customizable and flexible

Our team of passionate and professional chefs not only ensures that your children receive their order but that they are enjoying the food and are eating it.

Our monthly newsletter is filled with easy to understand nutritional information that can be shared as a family in order to help guide you through learning how to make better choices.

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