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Snack Programs

Student Nutrition Program - Nutrition Guidelines

As the pace of life gets faster and demands increase, it is becoming apparent that familiis are finding it difficult to make time in order to prepare wholesome meals. We, at Rainbow Lunches believe that serving nutritious foods and beverages promotes good health and healthy eating habits in children and youth along with helping students along their learning journey.

Our snack services were developed in response to the growing need of Student Nutrition Program Coordinators looking for an efficient and cost effective way to provide a variety of nutritious food choices for their students.

Using Canada’s Food Guide as a tool, we have created a variety of nutritious snacks (mini meals) for your morning or afternoon nutrition program offerings. Each snack contains a minimum of one item from each of three food groups, while always ensuring a fresh fruit or vegetable is included. We use the freshest ingredients available in order to create exclusive snack items that offer healthy food options for students. Please contact a member of our team for a list of items that may be of interest to support your student nutrition program.

We recognize that some children are a little pickier about their food and we therefore work together with school administration in order to ensure your special needs are met. We accommodate special requests to the best of our ability.

The meals are pre-portioned, individually wrapped and delivered directly to your school for easy distribution. Contact us today for a consultation.